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The time I miss you

  1. 2012/08/15(水) 12:58:35|
  2. human nature|
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In the spring, the spring, there is sunshine, not mean to show off his swagger. The wind was cold, the temperature is very low, in the winter cold is still down in the spring. I feel like this cold weather, down to the valley木結他班. Because of that winter, I failed to pass the test, disdainful I like aubergine, lost its color. Today is still clearly remember, that day, interior, such as spring temperature in warm through the cold heart, tears like breaching of the dike, emission, flooded the entire face to face. Because did not test well, so that the whole learning process, I feel kind of incomplete regret, as the broken mirror, not perfect. At the same time also severely hurt self-esteem. To spread into I don't want to go to school, to once again face the former teacher. That guilt left me speechless. In the spring I are intertwined in this test, we can't forget. May be the face or to face, when I'm shy and guilty face the teacher's smile, feeling sorry for the teacher in cultivation, shame Veda salon ... ...

That day, the wind, with the warmth of the sun. That day, you with a smile like the sun stood in front of me, a warm feeling. I naturally or half unconsciously to tell you to test those sad past. You are listening to, occasionally come out a few words about words. We laughed ... ...

You, in my cold heart, to draw a warm character. You like your smile, let a person very easily near. Later in the day, you always deliberately arranged for me, take care of, cold spring of the palpitation of the heart, in the late spring day, such as the warmer weather, slowly with temperature. You let me in the mood of depressed, feel the stranger's care. The caring enough to warm up a cold heart. " Stranger ", for the time, you can only be a stranger. Later, later, you can arrange for me to give everything, to help me practice, prepare the exam again. You are no longer strangers, friends, because you use the whole spring time touched me 門禁系統.

I spent the whole summer to forget you. That day, summer, rain, the sky was dark, the car my smile is very bright, I like to stay with you, chat, laugh. That day, you are very serious, very solemn statement, saying: " I love you, but then again, there is a glimpse of, from the heart no longer belongs to him. " I'm a bit silly, somewhat unexpectedly. When the window rain very hard falls, dark sky enveloped the earth, together with the car we. After a thunder, and you could tell I was afraid,: " I said to frighten you, or thunder frightened ". Love you asked. My mouth gently to raise Yang, use the most simple way to respond to you ... ... Continued after the silence. In fact, I love you just like the beautiful bloom of fireworks, fireworks as thin as gone cold. Living in two worlds, each other does not intersect. This encounter this confession, is nothing more than a beautiful open, but is open to the end of the. Later, I had bluntly refused, causing you to a beautiful turn, also involve some pain in my heart. Later, I try to forget you, forget my world you have been to ...

Speech bitterness

  1. 2012/08/07(火) 16:49:21|
  2. 精彩美文|
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Because I love you, can not be with you in my face, asking the police phantom, your mortal love affair between man and woman, palm earthly female resentment male nerd, you scattered Acacia, why did you let me have such resentment? Why let me have so tangled up? Why let me waitpart time?

Because I love you, I will put my whole heart and soul out, allowing you to treasure, allowing you to choose, let you painted. I regard you as my gift given by God, near you, cherish you, with you. I have the most beautiful love to you, I put the world's most beautiful verses addressed to you, I put my melody to sing to you, I put all this life most beautiful feelings to you.

Because I love you, I would find a lonely in the dark night, any spirit of dancing, either around the dark drown me, let my thoughts in night ocean swim; despite missing do sail, let love to do the boat, but this boat boat can carry this heavy love? Miss you when I feel a kind of happiness, that happiness, warm throughout my every nerve, leisurely flowing together, like a dream, like poetry, as a montage of the mysterious, beautiful, forever, long ... .. With a piece of the sky, the same wheel crescent, while you, whether also in the days of one party can toss and turn restlessly? Whether the mind to pay a lute with Jasper mountings, string broken me? Love is cut ceaseless manage to return chaos?

Because I love you, I will be in your text, words, looking for a hot word, fill my desolate blank. Your text intense warm sadness high-spirited, each section of text are harmonious note; every stroke is CLS clear text, every word with happiness and warmth. One pile of text, is a carefully woven wire, winding, climbing in my mind, I chewed every single word or phrase you a bit, your language filled with endless warm atmosphere, as the old let me products such as candy mellow Miantian; your words flying infinite romance, as glut oneself with delicacies feast let me aftertaste. Even if the plain text to reading again, for fear that silly stupid. I am familiar with meticulous care, the long date of hearts, these words as emotional depths rippling unvoiced, let me happy, let me cry, make me drunk. In order to your careless words, how much I love at that moment for a cluster of starsa href="http://www.hair3k.com/hair-treatmeant.html" style="color:#333333;text-decoration:none;">hair3k ... ...

Because I love you, I am self-willed and stubborn in the writing world to run, you know these words concealed things? These remain in the memory in the text, is the eternal witness of love! Just put your pen in calligraphy Liuxiang, poetry. I use beautiful words together to make a warm sunshine bright, full of scent season, the missing seeds in text fertile soil, the tears turned into rain, Acacia flowers bloom in network writing paper. I am in the Acacia Acacia under, considerate bluebirds side head to watch!

Because I love you, I walked into your dreams, in the dim illusion, familiar faces, familiar atmosphere, familiar heartbeat, familiar with eyes ... ... You in my arms look at you hold your arm and said, are you? You smile to silently nodded his head, I really good happy! I am glad that you have a shoulder to rely on, have a warm embrace can depend on, there is a lingering whispers in my ear, a wandering heart suddenly found a resting place. I use my trembling fingers gently ease your hair, I use my tender heart to listen to the voice of your heart, I put your love your love fragrance into a glass of wine, drunk and I stay drunk drunk, my soul, my life ... ... This is really a dream? Or a dream really? I would like to indulge in beautiful dreams never wake up! I am afraid of waking never find you!

A kind of color

  1. 2012/08/02(木) 12:08:00|
  2. more in sorrow|
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A person walking in the street, suddenly shoulder patted, turned to see a happy face, heart very happy, in a strange city encounters a familiar person, is a how amazing things. But, your face transient froze, the original smile disappeared, coldly said, sorry, wrong person.

Originally just a stranger, you go your way, my pace was so hurried. In a place like this, I met an old, even dialect, pulled a few home weather, is also a kind of surprise.

Once we simply believe, everything can be enduring as the universe, so it's careless, that the future is still very long, the opportunity to meet many still, no need to burst into tears, you took me out. A meal, two words, it left a few years emotion. As time flies, life to many people, went to a lot of people, we are also gradually felt numb. Wait to meet again when, you not that you, I am not that I.

Is it right? I had a time machine, can cut through to the ancient times, even through to the young can also. Still beautiful picture, recorded the moment, to say the least advice, now will not have too many regrets. At the same time, also can have a look young himself, did many stupid things, though feel stupid, but for now it is a beautiful memories.

A person's growth is a price to pay, not casually a person from ignorance into a manner extraordinary mature. Once upon a time to know a person, on the podium and talk about their KK, heroes of the past, but asked for his life why is everything is going smoothly. When, he said some outsiders don't know experience. When the University of trash, to a plastic bottle, behind et al for a long time, after graduation to sleep across the road, in order to get help from a man but a few days without sleep. Although he succeeded now, but who can see him behind the pay?

Growth, unspeakable pain. The passage of time, we should choose to forget, forget, forget how could be so simple. Perhaps you are busy life, perhaps you are the dream work, a person, a thing, at a specific time, specific place, will flash in your mind. Sometimes it is not a sad, want to inquire deeply into, but you will not find it, let it have its swing, for, after, mood and improved, life is restored to an original track.

How many dreams become reality, many reality became the dream. Each person's life there are always so many miracles, from birth, we conquer thousands on thousands of people, and received a good education, until now, there is no doubt that he is a winner. The helplessness of life, that can't tell the dream and reality, dreaming of the time believed to be real, real time thinks is a dream.

After several days of confusion, forget the dream of yesterday is true or false, just downstairs bicycle can not find, the neighbor, owe the money back? Life becomes a mess. If one day, you find that it call, get up! The teacher came in. At this time, you wake up, look around familiar eyes, the teacher smiled and walked. Now all is just a dream, you are happy, or sad?