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The years lintel

  1. 2012/07/23(月) 16:02:20|
  2. more in sorrow|
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Time flow like water, a few deep love. The silent years, do not need to leave, can achieve a passing if one sense of loss. The wind blew away time, left a sad; time treading ever, take the past fragment. Dream light up a period of time, to recall a warm home. A reflection, afraid to see the CAW blood red. Ask door fine willow, several storms away dreams. Few thoughts, green died without a trace. Afraid of looking back, flying dust such as sand, more in sorrow.

Love, is an opening in the years spent, not for four and the crown, not due to drain the rain god. As the water time, in the solitude of space where the meandering tactfully; cycle time, light and easy slow show over the years. With the wind blowing, roll over the horizon cloud, with uninhibited attitude, will and a piece of all time, blown into the bi-xiao.

Love immerged in the high-rise buildings in the world, hiding in the forest vegetation of natural. Her blooming filled with intoxicating fragrance, her appearance movie, such as clean water, Qin spleen and clearing. But people can't see, touch not.

Maybe, love is only a dress rehearsal of the drama, a little attention, then quietly curtain of the song and a song. Too late to dressing and ileum, he lost many beautiful. The young we do not know what is the treasure, the flowing time, hurt, missed much unwilling affection.

Time braved the wind and rain, in the years of the journey, silently through the spring and summer and autumn and winter. She does not show off a brilliant luster, not sentimentally attached to the phase noise stay drunk. Only once no complaint no trace to bloom, her value is revealed her and feels most incisive, let a person so unforgettable.

A short time, can't afford to waste, will you threw in a remote corner of. In the dream the flower falls like rain, dark magenta many sad, only one strand of memory are new condition. Never fading scenery, in recall and silent gaze, saddened with the vicissitudes of life change. So fresh, so has the old time.

Love beauty, transient, she does not envy or purple red flowers of both, is not only the scene of debauchery thousands of red dust, but will not give you too much time to appreciate, will not let you choose her walking pace, even when you will be away sadly sign silhouette.

Held the seasons, listening to sad shadow Twilight whisper, but hope, in the years after the road, carrying the fragrance, cited wind to inspire, the time simple mark book wrapped into a callosity. Count drip feelings, the lonely heart turned into rain clouds will hate, rub it into a row of tones, in the silent time will past through, break through.

Rivers flow, a smoke at home; seasonal cycle, worldly Gengnong situation. Loneliness desolation Castle complex, appearance not old dark war. Get a cold with emotion, and the soft wet ink marks, disseminated at the joys and sorrows, in blue light coming into a fingertip sleeve notes, mounting a never fading scenery high-mounted love edge.

The wind is blowing

  1. 2012/07/18(水) 13:07:31|
  2. human nature|
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These years wandering outside, nostalgia is like an aged wine, the longer is the aroma. Day me in the boundless huge crowd, strong nostalgia was the trivia and busy work to dilute, and in such a silent night, night alone taste cool, indulge in the year of Chen Hong singing" home" have a look on both sides of the Changjiang River in the beautiful melody, deep down slowly from the infinite melancholy, quietly endure" all alone in a foreign land, during the festive season" the suffering.

Think of mother's day call, the heart is very bad. My mother is eighty-one years old this year, now the body is still well. The mother and brother at home have been living together, but the brother she were to make a living on the road over the year. Four years ago the father died, mother have a person in the home. Originally wanted to take her here with me, but the old man would not want to say is, here I didn't know anyone else to chat with her, too, so every time has come to be not for two or three days on a hurry to rush home, I very understand mother's mood. Only long sends home living expenses, are free to call home, Fengnianguojie three family back home and the old place will become a habit and law.

It is only recently that I work very busy, all kinds of things to keep me busy. The Touyunnaozhang, no time to back home to have a look, also neglected to call his mother. Mother was worried that calling about a lot, I know a family of three safe and sound after the rest hangs up the phone. It is a" pitiful world parents heart", although simple words it contains abundant heart of mother please.

Indeed, we have ignorance, do not know how to understand parents ' intentions, also do not know the parents of their children the selfless, great love. Now as a husband, new father deeply appreciate the parents that a great mind, have to say the love is a kind of no return to pay, the sincere love is not calculated, even more beautiful words are hard to describe.

" A man of love, what can be cruel", each one of us hope that parents and friends and love, longing for love. But we are often too busy while neglecting to care for our family and friends.

In fact, the life no matter how busy we are, we will never leave the love exchange, in the vast sea of humanity only our relatives, lovers and some real friends is our lifetime relationship, is what we are part of the mind!

We live in different propagation debris desire crosscurrent society, many people have great wealth, but they are not the most rich, life has to live in peace and harmony, a warm stable family, healthy and strong body, peace of mind is the only true enrich the rich, not to love and be love, then life becomes dull dull.

Abundant rain

  1. 2012/07/12(木) 12:09:53|
  2. doomed to wanderin|
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Recently in the rain, big, like a waterfall, home for a long time did not so much rain. Because the grandparents are to farming the relation of the farmer, so some of the weather of this class are very sensitive, even my don't go to Tian out-and-out city child knows: the line, the big rain, do not have to water the fields, the next will be enough food, income will be many.

It is early summer now, seemingly just after it, but is really a timely rain. The rain has been three days and nights, also let us these hot enough for people to take three days and three nights cool. Previously in the heat of the day always open air conditioning, although can make people down, but the air blown from the fan is always instruments made, blowing in the body always has a piercing means. However, rain can be different, the wind is a natural wind, very cool, gives me a feeling of early autumn.

After the rain scene and before is very different, not to mention this " waterfall". Never put the tree it sprout, seemingly dirty grass is washed. Rain stopped when a sound, sounding so long, crisp, snails appear, with a little tipsy, struggling to slowly climbing the heights. The ground of the plants are green, the green in a complete mess, like a beautiful painting, even if it is only a dull green, but also can be more and more magnificent; ornate; fascinating, beautiful, like Zoran Tiancheng, but arise spontaneously.

Stand alone in their eaves below, dull looking at what a piece of curtain. They are on this world, they come from all corners of the country, together they evaporated in the cloud, floating in the roof of my house, and gather together, playing together in my house roof, this is not a fate that? They together hand in hand from a soft cloud to jump down, all along the roof tiles to every little bit from the cornice slowly dropping in tiles, worn over a stone. Then they vacated jump with beautiful, gorgeous waltz, until the entire play on the ground, splashed on my feet.

This is a rain, is so large and spectacular. It is with great scene appeared in front of us, scored our sleep. It is that a rain, let our life and before very different, giving previously ineffective greening become more beautiful, more bright. It makes the world become out of the ordinary, take on an altogether new aspect, become pure and no pollution, beauty instrument world. It is deeply rooted in our brains, with several numbers of auditory hallucinations to decorate our faces, dotted with our hearts.

Your song

  1. 2012/07/09(月) 16:17:11|
  2. doomed to wanderin|
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Are you free enough to melt the trees, grass, flowers, mountains, rivers and can form a beautiful all elements. Did you find, it has still to decorate many time.

High lift head, title cut beautiful wings, fly slowly forever. A kind of charming, kind. On the nature of infinite affection upon the beautiful tail screen. Condensed into a dance most incisive and inlaid into a beautiful specimen.

The top of the cloud floating. The hillside cangyan mountain stream gurgling of water blown up, unfolding, you whose smooth body. Air is transparent. You stand in the transparent like with you Joan of immortal, overlooking the numerous living beings, in the sky and earth clips of bursting out the amazing grace.

Then, high-pitched cries to be emotional waves sing into poetic masterpiece through the ages. Soft wind treads the passion through, leave a ripple shape of footprints, only for a moment of the process, caw warbler, feather butterfly with the temptations sing merrily and dance gracefully, the background scenery, to the brilliant and colorful, to appease the rain rain music. Fantasy.

Leaves always close feeling

  1. 2012/07/03(火) 15:42:42|
  2. human nature|
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While most afraid to hear sound is a shovel on the stones on a friction, the grieved feeling. Ghosts are really not heard, the wolf heard, did not imagine the terrible terrible. Sichuan is said to have a living with the wolves were even taught wolf singing, this is really good. But the wolf change to eat human nature?

Some voice will let us irritable, such as on the road the anxious driver crazy horn, when the plane takes off a huge roar, there is to hear people quarrel hysterical curses, will let people have a deep fear and unease.

I'd like the train to train and the exchange of voice, also like a person listen to the clock ticking sound, I heard a quiet. I sometimes envy some of the ancients from voice to feel the quiet beauty, such as Wang Wei, his spring stone upper, his Ming spring stream of time, we can not only feel the nature of static, can feel the inner arms of the lonely. Wang Ji's" cicadas forest more than static, a more secluded mountain birds" also had already met, just not the ancients share a quality suggestive of poetry or painting.

Used to read ancient, slowly will love to listen to the sound of the earth. Especially the spring recovery of all things, I am glad I have heard in young plants grow voice. Water in the moonlight in the late spring night, listening to the spring ding-dong. At that time two maternal uncles holding my hand from the Liangshan opera back, I still remember that night were opera, although ignorant, but will be in the play the kind moved. Later in the TV to see the opera will feel particularly kind, especially to see the classic Chang Xiangyu. Only the other day I was downloading some to listen online, I am not a fan, I only use the way I miss the good wine kind the tears of love. Qingming season but think of him, in the reading evening I think of him, there is deep down I am wordless moved. I miss him warm hands and smiling eyes, he let me feel the warmth, and for a long time so that I learn how to live to love and compassion