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Love love letters

  1. 2012/05/30(水) 11:56:05|
  2. ShouDian|
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Between lovers, utterance meaning exhibited almost perfect. All the representations when they meet, sometimes like a wasteland forgetful snow, also called abrupt and fragile memory and noise, mixed with rain and desire. Fine fine presumably, saddened laugh pet import.

This gives the joys and sorrows of life, love and hate, express volumes but clearly mysterious, at a stroke is about life, time and eternity, the rest of one's life will not forget. Some people say: life as we sail against the current, struggling to fight, but not stopped by the water rushed back, back to the past. And I only right, is to my life in the eternal return confirm, chaos, wait for make their presencecleaning724.

I feel that my heart, a place for a layer of armor, are weathering. Quickly I wallow in each season's bustling, almost unconsciously, began searching for the lost years. All that time, my freedom, integrity, and good. I don't want to deny what, also don't want to prove anything, just as the memory wipe away the thick dust, pondering the fragile.

In I have been looking for her these days, for life such as fear, this system in the future of the hairspring, but how to make her feel? I couldn't tell her, please wait for me, because I'm alive. Live, love is not reason. I don't even doubt the future one day, I met her again. If it can be a time to meet a strange man, why wouldn't see her? Therefore, every time into the crowd, with violent heartbeat and ecstasy. Perhaps, in a casual moment, I look up, I found her ... ... However, see I'm alive, she will get a surprise? I think I won 't. You'll find out, she will be a grain of petals wither fell dejected, but not for a prairie green life and be overjoyed.

In the love world white neck, playing a bloody knot, let love pain prior to forgive; she cannot meet all the days before, confirming my existence and my love. If not, would not be so easy to give up and self mockery.

You may find that, in my life every throb, every kind of thing all my love, reflects a name, creating the world and my conscience. As in Genesis as irrational is admirable, make water gathered in, air on top, to agitate calm, so that the life of death.

But you will put in my life the most beautiful encounter simple and indifferent attributed to fate, even down to a casual interpretation of love, the beginning and the end of all go through untold hardships and ignore the searching and waiting, so before love, forever is immersed in a disgusting nothingness and uncertain, but after that.

Build physical course to the end of life to death, but very hesitantly, to start to love forever. I don't believe in creation rules, also won't accept it mockery, although it back from me love is really like, but will still have a vivid and attainable and symbols appear in my sight, as supreme commitment, like the rainbow in the rainSpaghetti.

Will not be long before, I would leave this let me run does not abandon the world. I have been longing to from a tall flowering trees down into the valley, the echo, perhaps, can save a faded Narcissus or a pass by butterfly; or a simple farewell, lay down on his absolute force, leaving only a behind to his farewell hand ... ...

Why people into a wisp of pretty but echo? In the sound of silence, the sound of falling Narcissus, a haunted. If she cry, my tears response; I love you, should be an echo.

I love you

  1. 2012/05/25(金) 12:01:15|
  2. Huetay|
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I love you the sincere love, let me from Loneliness Isolation opened the wings, in the romantic life dreams to fly. If you really exist, please let me love you forever, fly around you; if not always exist, let the time stop, let me fall in love with you the moment, I really felt like: I love youcounselinghkbusinesscentre.

I am a man obsessed with literature, all day in the literature Guoao Wang Xiang, QQ hanging waiting to join the friends. Suddenly you like a beautiful angel, burst into my heart garden, you are strong after onslaught, I become a prisoner of your love, your sincere language, warm tone, dear expressions, like gurgling spring, running through my emotion sluice gate. You like a colorful butterfly light around me. Fly, become a lingering dream, you with Cupid love arrow, gently in my heart, I suddenly feel irresistible love like magic I conquered. I know that no one can stop the love really comes, I know that I have good things in our heart of hearts, I know I can never escape the thin net, I so imperceptibly fell in love with you -- my dear worm, I like to be possessed by the devil, think of you all day, miss like a giant bug in the pain of missing time in time ... I worm now I really can not do without you, I want you to yell:" we hand you, our love must be dead" wedding.

In the days without you, all day long I combed the wiping tenderness. Love is too deep, is always easy to see the wounds, miss too much, always let a person unable to form words, worry too strong, just make people worried. I can not give you a man gentle, I started to do not love, but love is around us, I can never forget you care about the message, I can't forget your gentle laughter, I can not forget you give me kiss. You are in my heart the indescribable pain, you are in my heart foreverhkbusinesses.

Since I fell in love with you, I think that I will never have such a sleepless night, but once again in the dream repeat your shadow; I think he will not miss the entanglement, but all day long and lingering shadows; I think he will not have aching feeling, but my heart why itch is unbearable? But every night will always remind you of. Hard to suppress the stubborn to you, think of you, think of you, think of your depression, think of your empty eyes and vicissitudes of life, I always sour nose, tears, but silent, at night, the falling tears wet his eyes always a family smile and romantic kiss, I swear to you request, worm I love you, please our hands, please we together forever, I deeply felt the love of you agnesf.

I know all the love experience is my collection of a born baby, hope that it will bring us happiness, worm, I love you, we embrace, we kiss, lets me and you forever into one body. With our hands to create our happiness tomorrowhkbusinesses!

Meet the helpless

  1. 2012/05/16(水) 11:57:07|
  2. ShouDian|
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Looked at the sky a corner, her eyes have been filled with tears, the messy hair over her eyes, she remembered that once, can't forget the pastfather-days.

At the end of the summer, an accidental opportunity, they met. She is an ordinary university student, like when nothing to chat to pass the time, he was a clerk in the company, like work when others talk and open your heart. They met online, said that the network is virtual, but they still give trust each other, giving each other the most sincere recognition, he learns that her family is in Suzhou, she learned that his home is in Suzhou. Two people can be regarded as a fellow at the turn of. Every day he would call her, she listened to him that Lai voices, faces bloomed flowers smile. During that time she wanted, she immersed in the pain, he comforts her, she felt very happy. In their most painful moment to get a personal comfort, probably like walking in the desert, people encounter oasis hkcar-rental.

Her mood gradually became better, did not think of the boy, and he will not have any intersection, slowly learn to forget. Later, they took to each other, that and the other. When night falls, lying on her bed, imagine two people met, shy smile on his face. Whenever the day rush at the end, he will sit on the sofa watching her photo, delicate and pretty face, delicate hair short, neat the sea, suddenly he smiled, took one times one times until he falls asleep.

Early autumn season, the north some cold, but Suzhou still radiates heat. She opened, to the north. After two months, he decided to find her, she was kind of exciting and nervous diginewsroom.

They agreed to a coffee. Half an hour ahead of time he arrives, bag under the coffee hall, luxurious cafe, playing" Tun", the wall with oil paintings, mostly from Van Gogh 's pen, he sat quietly in the corner. She comes, look at the far corner, he stood up and waved to her, looked at the handsome he, her cheeks with red. Two people chat a lot, for whom she played" I love you", her happiness in the intoxicated, coffee shop filled with thick tea flavorCounselling.

Later they together, every day he phoned her, she once every month. One day, she knew he was a manager of the company, she felt that he lied to her, that it is not true, they broke up. Thousands of nights, he picked up the smoke, looking at pictures of her, mouth spit cloud is floating on the ceiling, rolled up a regiment and a regiment. Countless nights, she lay in bed in a daze, tears ran down his cheek wet the pillow. They still love each other.

year later, his family introduced him to a girl, very pretty, pretty stand gracefully erect, good family, they settled on a date after the other, he married. She graduated from the university with a boyfriend, is a very good boy. Less than half a year, she also wants to get married, on that day, he attended her wedding, the white wedding is lined on her, she is very beautiful. When you see him, two silent for a long time, tears in eyes round, from his mouth out of three wordsCounseling Psychologist.

After marriage she and husband go to honeymoon, at the beach, she looked at the sky a corner, her eyes have been filled with tears, the messy hair over her eyes physiotherapy.

A pure love

  1. 2012/05/10(木) 18:34:34|
  2. Huetay|
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The distant horizon, evening dragged Xiaguang last one more than light, slowly disappeared in the horizon. Warm autumn, slowed down, gently blowing, very comfortable, bird homing, flowers and rest, butterfly folded wings, buildings are silent, quiet. Reincarnation of the season, flowers of the destiny, all already as scheduled. But, who can expect, this fall will have how much sorrow, hanging on the brow, the autumn will much happiness, full of heart, this fall will have how many tears, stained dusk?

The soul in the dream, life and death love, in her heart has never left, forgot physiotherapy.

The dusk, follow the moonlight, she was intoxicated in the sweet love. She saw, Bauhinia trees like a gentle caress of the moonlight, surrounding the tree flowers and Fang Jie; she saw that a piece of Taoyuan, belonged to her and his peach garden, where the sun, moon smiling, laughing, bird sitting facing the sun, wind, rain, in Guagua, in the step cloth dancing, baby laughing, running ... ...

The tears blurred in the cheek, gentle historical landmarks, such as Piaoyun dispersed, nowadays, the peach garden, long gone, and he also disappear from the scene, from her vision disappeared, no trace. So knowing the window chamber, Dan Dan Lu flowers, cool autumn wind at the beginning, seeing the shadow relative, heart cross with thousands of thoughts. Choke down, his throat as if by thing up one kind, the skin becomes suddenly cold, memories, unable to stop in a moment lost, Ruchao turned like, flower fly, even come. His smile just like the sunshine sprinkles on top of her, his words such as sweet stuck in her heart. His finger around in her hair, lap lap up, unlock, unlock further away, his lips close to her ear, say something that makes her life with enough put language. She hugged him, laughed, cried, laughed. He used to point the finger at her nose said she like a fool, she said she would forever in his arms a little fool. Simple aspiration and, in her eyes, in addition to him, no, it was a pure love, and not about the money, and knowledge assets background independent, and independent, and independent of power, just a innocently diginewsroom.

The autumn wind, he took her hand, kissed her lips, the warm light, her naked feet on his instep dance. The silence of the night, he asked herself is it right? Too greedy, she told him, even when separated by thousands of water, even if difficult to love, she is also willing to. She will go with his temper, he will be very patient to her back, she would tell jokes, think of ways to cheer him up, always successful, he would be in it is raining cats and dogs. Night, opening a car walk outside, will also give her a call reported a safe. The cinema, she stared at him, don't know what is the movie 's plot, and the heroine of what happened in the story, she is thin, confused, do not know, she knew from the beginning to the end, the film, he's been holding her hands were not released. She thought, so, can put his hand in his palm, happy.

Ning for lotus, not for duckweed. This is her famous words, however, the unpredictability of life, even if she are not willing to, ten thousand a unexpectedly, after all, she still made the earth a duckweed. He broke up with her, not don't love, but not love. Say reason, say not clear reason, let her heart is broken into a piece of a piece. Love is a sweet, but also painful, that try to stop but cannot feel, like a floating cloud layers of the heart, not cleaning the sky, like a round moon shine on, her entire body, according to the penetrating the break up that evening was dark universe.

She cried, decadent, hate, ever complained, why is love so deeply, so true. She hates this gave her the pain of love, but love, what's wrong with it, it is each individual heart cannot control things, met, fell in love with, cannot be recovered, even if no longer love, but this love is still beautiful, still is clear. Don't love, is not equal to this section of love will disappear, it is in our life left a trace. Then, she doesn't hate, do not complain, but sad diginewsroom.

In this lonely in the evening, her thin body, thin cool memories.