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Little life loveA

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continuous rain, and kiyoaki. Cold seeps, sky blue was not a silk cloud shadow. Warm sunshine, park window flower white, yellow book paper, just like the eyebrows to heal me, out of tea - Xiang.

Always want to be a quiet woman. Read a book, write, listen, listen to the wind harp, products tea. Sit quiet days, text white like years Fenghua out Lan Duo, always in the heart cage putting fragrance occupy one's mind, separate sitting, and incense. May be time, a shape matched the moment, enough to light the world meet. Just like you and metakungpaowikiayoutube.

Thank you for writing. It is the word intersects the day, can you meet a smile and you, write a one romantic legend. Remember you ready to visit and inquiries, such as a Jian Qingyun in my hand, roll out in the snow and Xuan Li marked the time mark, a first love, a deep one. Also remember Wen Ya airs and overflowing talent, Tao Lan Zhou, flower hair February, Shannon dyes the entire read maple dust. Those who run Lang Qing and fingers fly paper, such as the midnight Qingshang shallow trolling passing, blossoms into a fleeting is the most deep the true king.

The origin reason extinguishes, was already doomed. Are you in the light of apricot, shallow hook deep description, a strong will, and draw your I first met the first. Shui Meiqing spirit charm, Shen Xiang dark turn pigment ink, like Liufenghuixue, an outsider, will fall into me soft and Wen Chun's palm. Since then, a scarlet thoughts, like a small run hard seeds, in my mind the pain, or sweet.

In a word, if the blue autumn, you are my fingertips storage Yun warmth, is also my heart can not be replace entanglements and hand to, in my soul Yu Li dormant for many years. Count day song sing in a bit, with great concentration of spattering dye chapters and handle through the familiar with, every process, are as imprint is engraved on my heart. Even after thousands of landscape, still can see the wipe to warm smile, with the prime years of Qiang Wei white red brocade. While the fate of the spring, lock Qianqian, without bias breakdown each other soft speech pen, brush life that never desert background.

The clouds parted, moon. Spring, autumn. The window glass lights, had diffuse all friend mark, into a field of blue light, Qin Xiang hue, distance to cloud. When I think of you, only slightly up, will see you and a whisper, latent fragrant dark, in the deep red, and one end time water.

And you together, have become a continuation of long-standing habits. This habit, as if born with, as appropriate, so natural. In the habit of surplus dew vertical shoot morning, when you wake up and gentle inquiry. Then the lazy smile looking out of the window is the warm sunlight, or the thousands of empty Mongolia or smoked. My beautiful smooth forehead, write, you are gentle and greeting. Those dreams Shen Shen news, between you and me frankly phase Chen dialogue. Until the night such as water window, with a layer of glass moon. And you slightly flustered shy heart, like a song you were exposed, with my butterfly wing tender breath, sound sleepknowledgeyoutubeweddingphoto-hk.

Always inadvertently when received, you far away but everything is told. Rain and cloudy skies, changes in temperature, you and I both know. Then no wateriness life, also can be in your writing a beautiful poetic mood. Campanula, crisp 's words, your smiling face and hands warm, so far, yet so close. Within our reach, can touch your handsome face and you like jade fingertips. In time, these deep affection of whispered, quietly gone, how also not willing to miss any chance alone with you. If you can, I just want to be with you, no stage, no dye dust, handle relative, two forget his.

Remember this time last year, my Fang Chen is your deepest heaviest prayer. You said the encounter moments, as if a generation had passed. Multitude of Xuan paper, I pale if light mark inking a notepaper, Flower Hair garden, suddenly poured out of your day. You say all your travel and waiting, just like the butterfly flying. Wherever I am and not in, or not to come, you will be in my heart deeply under constant longing and hand to.

The road lost

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Let people like this river, reconcile oneself to one's situation was streaming with reserved track, close your eyes and listen to the river winds in the ear, the days slip away in the wind, was thought by your side even if forever, fixed on the river of time, has turned into a river, the layers of ripples, bit by bit scattered halo the fleeting time of Acacia, HR., as if return to yesterday fall into forever. The water in Miluo by, his lab speechless, story memory gradually lost in the rugged road, did not dare to sigh injury.

Love feast always easy to spread, and to look again, perhaps, you have been in the views of others. See a long pole light drawn million in adventure, see any fisherman fishing like spring, feel the life too, has less in your side to accompany, gufanyuanying, the long beach, Yan Nanfei has urged the young crazy, yesterday far, close my eyes but I couldn't hear. The river gently, wandering in the other shore, swim the volt line, love and don't love, just press screening simultaneously ending, dusty old, as the shadow follows the form, almost become the hearts a dreadful word.

I do not know the day if having feeling, or old, or if having feeling, will the vicissitudes of life. Night drunk wine Changsha, Hunan spring dawn line, the Du Fu, may also have the spring water flows east, thousands of years, the water still carrying the sky is vast, sunshine, see the same sky, a aloes on, a floating free and easy to use, how free and easy smile relieved heart war, like the Millennium dream, Di Di empty, Shang, about to be passed.

The passer-by, is home, tears and don't look back, tears cheated, cheated others, to deceive, to change the ending. Croon a song, lingering a voiceless, every word, fondle admiringly, seemed to feel the gentle, today the curtain to find yesterday's warm. Xiao Xiao Lamu, Luanhong long, and don't, walking with the night rain, the east wind night, the sun is high, to warm the haggard face. The prosperous years of the spring and autumn, a few degrees into clouds, the story again again, I'm afraid and amidst the lock the sorrow of parting, leaned a look, who is holding the dream scenery see through.

We move forward

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The idea of the mind to write something, but to write a little bit let friends playing to the mailbox, a friend to go back to school, it criticized, do not fit my style. I said that I write something? Friends said to you like blank for the topic. Yes, have been used to blank, blank, at any time or stay a little good. Hearing this suggestion, my brain is active, the paintings are held up mind.

First surfaced in front of this scene, the sky a few leisurely clouds drift, curly Susu, so contented satisfied. The ground to watch us, feel joy. Sometimes can be overcome by one's feelings to, if the sky is cloud, will be even more beautiful.

In hindsight, that we were wrong. When the sky is full of clouds, the cloud is white, became gloomy black, enveloped us breathless. Cloud is very beautiful, but as it fills the sky, lost original beauty, or also the sky original blank, so beautiful and so there exists, perhaps, this is a blank side!

I thought of the great experiment, one of the great scientists in very late, see one of his students was doing an experiment. He stepped forward, ask the students: "what are you doing here?" Students respectfully answered and said:" Sir, I was doing experiments." The scientists asked to" the day you doing?" The student replied" I also do experiments, mr.." After he finished the fully expect instructors will boast he is diligent, hard-working ... ... Students for a long time did not wait, the scientists looked grave, serious," you spend all day doing the experiment, right?" The student answered" yes, sir." " One day you do the experiment, then, you at what time to think?" Teacher asked. This event inspired us to do experiments to time leaving a blank, the blank is thinking. Give time to leave a little gap, and that may be the most precious fragment of memories.

The world in every moment occurred the change rapidly change, all kinds of ideological impact originally narrow space, like layers of waves, to our brain. Left brain a blank, don't fill every space of various ideological thinking, give you the filled ideology to the horizontal and vertical development.

Life is a wandering in the street, you'll find you like or don't like people or things, you will experience the adventure or flat to the distant road, you may experience go through untold hardships, also may not find alcohol spring dew, however, each can have every moment forever with you, for you did not meet, you this wandering blank. It will be with you be neither too familiar nor too distant, as the shadow follows the form ... ...

At this time, I still do not know to write something" blank", raised a little head, I looked at the sky of love. Blank, which is nothing, when you think of what, or remember what time, means no longer blank. Blank, a dash, behind no explanation, no explanation, a long pause, Dayton in you what not to place, open look at the eyes. The new born baby is the feeling of the blank, the new notebook is the text of the blank, never used on a blank tape is sound ... ...

The blank is not a pure sense of the blank, sometimes it is a kind of form filling, it will give the things of different significance of fill, making it more full of spirit, like to write articles, even with depressed literary talent, but also to the left a bit of blank, the blank is not the ups and downs of cease abruptly, but give the reader memory, imagination space, it will make the shine.

At this time, my mind starts a blank, to want to write a word also could not write, say, can be a look back, as I have copious and fluent freely flowing style of writing, book a thousand words, and we are visible gaps as the shadow follows the form, everywhere with us, and we can leave it blank into more brilliant hall allows it to follow in the footsteps of and I feel the warmth of the sun.

Flowers bloom

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The devil is what? That is the desire. Due to the desire of the rope tying, mortal in this way back and the name is busy, busy; worry about personal gains and losses, Nanshe memorable. Long lease, gluttony judge, without exception, self-centered, take the benefit as the radius, at the desire of rope mess, laboriously painted with a circle. The so-called" which tries to swallow an elephant", the so-called" people is dissatisfactory, can long complex at Shu", the so-called" egoistic, is the largest heart.", is the very clear-sighted high perspicacity.

In" selfless" became a supreme realm of heaven and earth. Like the orchid, is deep and light fragrance; as the moon, as bright as delicate and spread; pearl, buried gravel and more noble.

People like orchids, because it did not want the peony beauty; people celebrate the moon, because it does not want with the sun shining pearl shell; people appreciate, because it is to forget the pain no regrets.

In fact, life is like a big list, the list is not necessarily bound to laughter, not necessarily will fail in an examination. Hundred years of joy and ecstasy to disturb, if pass. He went his way, I go mine. What is the bird will be what is, what is what goods and materials. Is cabbage, I will do a solid succulent fresh cabbage.

If I went to Xiang Rong forest, Xinxin; if I was shaking luxuriant and green grass. Small sparrow, don't envy on the Swan Gao Xiang wings Kunpeng Tuan soar, you can build a small under the eaves of a cosy nest, happy to fly to the high and low branches of roar out a song. The cliff Yamahana, don't envy in the garden of the mixed-up, forget the sun and rain ravaged, forget the wind and persecuting, open, open it out himself, merry.

Wood wooden, why in front of towering trees feel ashamed of one's ungainly appearance? Only you can connect long protection forest to block the wind all. The delicate grass ah, forget your humble, proud of it, only you will generally decorated world! Plum forgot the cold, it can stand firm and unyielding; moths to forget the lights burning, it can chase the bright.

Deaf Beethoven in a state of ecstasy, at the throat, using a pair of dexterous hand write as the fate of brilliant; disability Shi Tiesheng in the midst of the altar to earth in selflessly folded out of a boat, with his writing boat ferry to the soul on the other side; hemiplegia by Hawking, Stephen?" Thought" Mustang, selflessly Benz in Wan Li roller height, in the mystery of the universe, galaxies, black holes, of quarks, taste the" flavor" of particles, particle," spin" grip " time" arrow, and eventually became a scientific circles.

We? We are in the woods ring log cabin, the nameless grass. Is the branches song sparrow, cliff condensation. ANN in general also forget the common, ANN in small or forget the small; I joy I laugh oneself expose to wind and rain, Ren Xiaoyao. A big wind, small have little taste. There is nothing to envy? What cannot forget?

Take an umbrella

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Hot, dry to crops in the world without end, has Cheng Qianhe, don't say no water to water them, just because the people in the village with the maintenance of daily life have become difficult. The problem is serious with each passing day, when the villagers are preparing to leave the village, to find another place to earn a living as a local church, that should come out to do something, he organized a rain prayer meeting.

Out of religious devotion, the villagers began to appear in the church, began their sitting down. The priest soon came to the church, and on the podium on the channel and the villagers greeted. At this time, the priest sees a ten one or two year old girl, devout eyes, excited expression in red face and flashing. But let the priest noticed is the umbrella that girl.

The little girl, she, believe it will rain priest stared at girl, be moved, it is a beautiful and simple. Priests know, in this prayer in all the villagers including themselves, this girl's piety and faith is what they ignore. We all know that the prayer for rain, but no one expects to see results. But she, the girl really waiting for God's response.

See this story, the ending is not finally whether to seek the rain. Like the story, not because of the religious sense, but a girl that long-hoped-for shin. She is my umbrella, reserves of US adults have been waiting for herpes, trust, dream and beauty, and that full of expectations.

Still remember childhood self, that of romantic love and career in the future believe firmly the child? When I do not know from the start??, for a variety of future and the beautiful dream, start again and again by tampering, in reality the ups and downs. Due to such reasons, always looking for such an excuse, compromise and abandon those who want to have a look, no longer happy look forward to the surprise and the unexpected, even to accept the worst results are ready, but what one says is plausible. To find excuses himself, this is stand aloof from worldly success, indifferent attitude of life.

This is how? From the start, we become negative and depressing. Don't say that because the pressure, the environment is complex, why don't we try to do it himself, can be completely preserved adult calm mind, not to the exclusion of have a simple name bright childlike innocence.

Comfort each other

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Winter finally passed, thought Su You had long gone, this meeting is of all kinds of style. However, the first is to host one ... Once, I refused to leave; now, earlier that finally happened, and I just quietly watch the deep blue sky, the clouds wandering lonely, I believe that the brief departure, will usher in a beautiful meet.

The crowded alleys, flash tired people, pass the moment, once the fate met. Life is always in the farewell in passing. We like the deep blue sea fish, blind and refuse. We are walking, drifting, or body, or soul, like the kite, fly to the end of the distance. But, I don't believe it will is never say goodbye. Noise is all around, with free publicity. I have a face of indifference, static keep silence, I am accustomed to at home quietly. The heart's blood is one point one point freezing, suffocating. Is surrounded by endless vent.

I can imagine the classroom every little bit words are ruthlessly say it all. I know, all of my classmates in a game, but no one hundred percent chance of winning, if the ending is blank, then everything is just an illusion to the touch, it is covered with memories of the notch, fantasy touch, sweet promise, we are unwilling to concede the scars of disappointment, reluctant to leave, because we have continued the unfinished dream, and common way to go. We stubbornly follow their own inner voice of life, in all pay the price. Our hands are empty, still and wait here in the silence, wait for a person to realize our dreams. However, this is like a silent ulceration, a dream sleep wake up the now sinking, now rising again ... ...

Yan Dan, I don't know you these days the mood is as I said? But you must not linger. You leave quietly, to prove your choice. Since you refuse, the remaining blessing I didn't know what to say. Perhaps, it is the only outcome sometimes, I really think we are a quiet. Ming bone moved, who will forever remember the happy; sink, who did not want to lose. But what is happiness? Perhaps the question thinking, it is not happy. If you and I are now common in this text, I think we are not happy? When lost in memories, just feel numbness and pain. Pain, those who are indifferent to the light of the past, those who gave a laugh leave warm friend. This is my real feelings, because pain is very sad, can always stay time of memory and time.

I know I am not the person you like most, and you are not the person I like most. But don't forget, three years left are pure friendship and true friendship. No matter what happened, please you forget we are not good, remember that our good. Look forward to you again. '!

Look at tomorrow, believe that the sky is blue, the air is filled with plants and the flavor of the sun. This can be alone to walk in the street, or as in the past, and we would have the same touch of sadness. Fierce winds and rapid heartbeat, let us stifle. At this moment, only a tenuous peace and. Remember what happened? It seems like we have watched the fireworks blooming moment, in the courage to burning and disillusionment in front of flowers, we think their heart there is so much passion, now, fireworks, went out, the night sky, has subsided, we also want to stand on, leaving the platform what settled. Everything is a dream no trace. Some things can be forgotten, some things are memorable. But those resurfaced, forget and not start, will never end. May, you the right path. We should walk, walk, go to have a look away the strange landscape, after all, we still have to grow leaves; together, is not far also has occurred, is incapable of action of this moment, we all stood in the destiny 's hands, unable to escape from.