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Love love letters

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Between lovers, utterance meaning exhibited almost perfect. All the representations when they meet, sometimes like a wasteland forgetful snow, also called abrupt and fragile memory and noise, mixed with rain and desire. Fine fine presumably, saddened laugh pet import.

This gives the joys and sorrows of life, love and hate, express volumes but clearly mysterious, at a stroke is about life, time and eternity, the rest of one's life will not forget. Some people say: life as we sail against the current, struggling to fight, but not stopped by the water rushed back, back to the past. And I only right, is to my life in the eternal return confirm, chaos, wait for make their presencecleaning724.

I feel that my heart, a place for a layer of armor, are weathering. Quickly I wallow in each season's bustling, almost unconsciously, began searching for the lost years. All that time, my freedom, integrity, and good. I don't want to deny what, also don't want to prove anything, just as the memory wipe away the thick dust, pondering the fragile.

In I have been looking for her these days, for life such as fear, this system in the future of the hairspring, but how to make her feel? I couldn't tell her, please wait for me, because I'm alive. Live, love is not reason. I don't even doubt the future one day, I met her again. If it can be a time to meet a strange man, why wouldn't see her? Therefore, every time into the crowd, with violent heartbeat and ecstasy. Perhaps, in a casual moment, I look up, I found her ... ... However, see I'm alive, she will get a surprise? I think I won 't. You'll find out, she will be a grain of petals wither fell dejected, but not for a prairie green life and be overjoyed.

In the love world white neck, playing a bloody knot, let love pain prior to forgive; she cannot meet all the days before, confirming my existence and my love. If not, would not be so easy to give up and self mockery.

You may find that, in my life every throb, every kind of thing all my love, reflects a name, creating the world and my conscience. As in Genesis as irrational is admirable, make water gathered in, air on top, to agitate calm, so that the life of death.

But you will put in my life the most beautiful encounter simple and indifferent attributed to fate, even down to a casual interpretation of love, the beginning and the end of all go through untold hardships and ignore the searching and waiting, so before love, forever is immersed in a disgusting nothingness and uncertain, but after that.

Build physical course to the end of life to death, but very hesitantly, to start to love forever. I don't believe in creation rules, also won't accept it mockery, although it back from me love is really like, but will still have a vivid and attainable and symbols appear in my sight, as supreme commitment, like the rainbow in the rainSpaghetti.

Will not be long before, I would leave this let me run does not abandon the world. I have been longing to from a tall flowering trees down into the valley, the echo, perhaps, can save a faded Narcissus or a pass by butterfly; or a simple farewell, lay down on his absolute force, leaving only a behind to his farewell hand ... ...

Why people into a wisp of pretty but echo? In the sound of silence, the sound of falling Narcissus, a haunted. If she cry, my tears response; I love you, should be an echo.

Meet the helpless

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Looked at the sky a corner, her eyes have been filled with tears, the messy hair over her eyes, she remembered that once, can't forget the pastfather-days.

At the end of the summer, an accidental opportunity, they met. She is an ordinary university student, like when nothing to chat to pass the time, he was a clerk in the company, like work when others talk and open your heart. They met online, said that the network is virtual, but they still give trust each other, giving each other the most sincere recognition, he learns that her family is in Suzhou, she learned that his home is in Suzhou. Two people can be regarded as a fellow at the turn of. Every day he would call her, she listened to him that Lai voices, faces bloomed flowers smile. During that time she wanted, she immersed in the pain, he comforts her, she felt very happy. In their most painful moment to get a personal comfort, probably like walking in the desert, people encounter oasis hkcar-rental.

Her mood gradually became better, did not think of the boy, and he will not have any intersection, slowly learn to forget. Later, they took to each other, that and the other. When night falls, lying on her bed, imagine two people met, shy smile on his face. Whenever the day rush at the end, he will sit on the sofa watching her photo, delicate and pretty face, delicate hair short, neat the sea, suddenly he smiled, took one times one times until he falls asleep.

Early autumn season, the north some cold, but Suzhou still radiates heat. She opened, to the north. After two months, he decided to find her, she was kind of exciting and nervous diginewsroom.

They agreed to a coffee. Half an hour ahead of time he arrives, bag under the coffee hall, luxurious cafe, playing" Tun", the wall with oil paintings, mostly from Van Gogh 's pen, he sat quietly in the corner. She comes, look at the far corner, he stood up and waved to her, looked at the handsome he, her cheeks with red. Two people chat a lot, for whom she played" I love you", her happiness in the intoxicated, coffee shop filled with thick tea flavorCounselling.

Later they together, every day he phoned her, she once every month. One day, she knew he was a manager of the company, she felt that he lied to her, that it is not true, they broke up. Thousands of nights, he picked up the smoke, looking at pictures of her, mouth spit cloud is floating on the ceiling, rolled up a regiment and a regiment. Countless nights, she lay in bed in a daze, tears ran down his cheek wet the pillow. They still love each other.

year later, his family introduced him to a girl, very pretty, pretty stand gracefully erect, good family, they settled on a date after the other, he married. She graduated from the university with a boyfriend, is a very good boy. Less than half a year, she also wants to get married, on that day, he attended her wedding, the white wedding is lined on her, she is very beautiful. When you see him, two silent for a long time, tears in eyes round, from his mouth out of three wordsCounseling Psychologist.

After marriage she and husband go to honeymoon, at the beach, she looked at the sky a corner, her eyes have been filled with tears, the messy hair over her eyes physiotherapy.

graph acceleration

  1. 2011/09/15(木) 13:17:33|
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Afterward understood before we go already some 5 companies sent the technical personnel to solve this problem were the idle work return, local project business is also badly battered, the headless fly is likely ordinary. But product supplier; It is said is seeks help hopelessly,the suspension
is left over 20% equipment fund estimate is also the recycling is hopeless, left Jiangxi quietly. Is everybody while the price the abyss of suffering, who in the attention technology, these questions also who the crime? In Chinese electron market;

Never lacks “the village in a mountainous area “two characters, the village in a mountainous area on behalf of the low in price, the quality is not only unstable, makes the labor not to be fine, represents without the service, does not have the authentication, does not have the technology, also has formed three non-product representatives the word. Because in the product quality,movement process
in the technology the very big investment, the small workshop type had not constituted the cost bottom, the natural market selling price is inexpensive, what village in a mountainous area-like sales model depending on is the rivers and lakes loyalty, the benefit enticement, gains the middle price difference by the fast expense's way to survive, is precisely the inexpensive procurement cost, many project business take risks under the high quota profit's obligation, the innumerable Small business set up one huge “the village in a mountainous area” the product to sell the empire, is nibbling the entire high-end demonstration domain the industrial chain.

Takes big strides representative who the electron (China) the Limited company takes the digital splicing profession, has located the high-end market, what depending on is by the new technical system enemy, serves the win, we should probably pay great attention each detail in so the tumultuous times, wins this backbone war by the specialty service attitude.

In the large screen splicing system, we gather very easily the focal point on the splicing unit, have never realized the genuine secret hero splices the controller; Splices controller's fit and unfit quality to decide entire large screen display system effect good and the badness directly, when the system often appears when the application halts, the figured screen, the expansion performance not strong, the image trailing, high clear signal race, cuts slanting, the picture flutter, our users only then truly pay attention to the question the root, finally will possess the question to lock on the splicing controller,drain reduces
only then regret already late. From the controller;

At present in the market condition presents four kind of splicing controllers, first replaces the PCI labor to control the type, second replaces embedded, the third generation is the FPGA pure hardware type, fourth replaces the bit type digit splicing controller. First replaces the PCI labor to control the type splicing controller; PCI REPLACEs the casette the principle of work is controls through the labor machine, the use multi-channel PCI computer motherboard, a part of PCI slot REPLACEion video frequency gathering card, other part of PCI slot REPLACEion video output card, among the input and the output constructs an operation and the processing station by CPU, by now set up a bench work to control the type controller.

His graphic processing principle is after the CPU operation female signal split M*N sub-video signal, carries on each sub-signal enlargement processing to transmit separately again for the splicing curtain wall on each corresponding unit, the display unit the signal which transmits the processor realizes on large screen's each display unit, but the resolution and the processing speed and correspond by computer CPU PCI card decision. Like; 1 720P place operating speed is 350MHz/nS,wedding dresses supplier but 10 720P place operating speed is 3.5MHz/nS, by now CPU operational capability big drop, because the labor controls machine the computing power is limited, a performance best labor controls type splicing most greatly also can only realize in the 1024*768 situation 4Х4 splicing, has limited the splicing unit number greatly.

Most early, although American RGB Corporation promotes has the pure hardware's 2*2 splicing control processor, can also carry on certain unit expansion through the cascade, but expansion ability is limited, the operation is inconvenient, the price is too expensive, what is popular is uses the pair (many) the channel output card to add the computer to make splicing, afterward to solve the multiwindow demonstration problem, American COLORGRAHIC Corporation promoted the multi-screen multiwindow splicing technology the EVOLUTION control card, to solve the window speed problem, what British Datapath Corporation had the graph acceleration was the specialized video frequency wall controller decides the body to manufacture the multi-screen card,

the RGB gathering card, the video frequency cut card, the British Datapath multi-screen card processing controls machine the way to be popularMany years, if the same year had the representative sea Pu prestige splicing controller. In order to break through the PCI slot data exchange bottleneck, had presented the first floor special-purpose main line exchange technology, enhanced the data bandwidth to each 8Gb/s, but first replaced the PCI labor to control the type splicing controller CPU handling ability serious restriction splicing scale, therefore also presented the distributional processing system, and with many processors, the universal network connection, let each processor be responsible for not many splicing units, connected again through the network the whole.

proxy allies

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North presently, our country's LED industrial pattern is as a whole “south produces acts”, this regarding the national general two third-level cities the big development which, the large-scale capital construction carried on, was extremely inconvenient, between the market research and development and the supply and demand chain link was also being at slightly the unbalanced condition,incandescent lamp
the industrial development already the street intersection which arrived paces back and forth, this step will step not well, will restrict our country LED mature development the important bottleneck, an industry in scholar so asserted.

But recently established “the center”, then melted this contradiction well, its birth, uses its unique geographical position and the economic status, not only face the north, faces the length and breadth the western district, then becomes connects the North and South industry “the bridgehead”.

It is reported that the reason that Tristar LED the high-sounding talk presents in this new cooperation and chooses “the center”, its core thought is regards it in the government, the fund, the market three aspect comprehensive strength. We may foresee, Tristar chooses the new round national strategy the core function area - - area south of Yellow River, the new giant market will set sail once more,lamp's duty
the new LED industry domain will float the water surface.

The government supports middle the region industrial upgrading the LED illumination transaction center should the potential to send in March, 2010, the Henan Province Development and Planning Commission and so on 6 departments appear "about To speed up jointly Develop Henan Province Semiconductor Illumination Industry Instruction Opinion",

will promulgate about speeds up the development semiconductor illumination industry (the LED industry) new deal releasing, the LED industrial development and will become the Henan Province energy conservation environmental product the important component and the new low-carbon economic growth, and as an important attracting investments domain, will give the omni-directional policy benefit and the financial support from top to bottom.

Some LED under the global economic situation's development demand, has Local government's policy support, has profession main force manufacturer entering and being stationed in vigorously. Specially, in Henan the strength Group International, makes “changes the Chinese LED industry north and south layout unbalanced profession bridgehead”

the big market name card depending on the potential, from establishes the central China LED profession development the cornerstone.trace cool
Middle the LED illumination transaction center, is majestically located “middle the country the economical strategic municipality” the core important place: Zhengzhou, Zheng Dongxin area.

The radiation region favors and several hundred hundred million Yuan giant markets sufficiently, it by the industrial colony's development model, the entire industry condition commercial layout, will form the resource sharing, the survival of the fittest the LED market promotion version, the unceasing refurbishing profession development and the management and operation pattern, formulates the great developmental strategy: Middle the foothold, the lineup nation, takes a broad view at the world.

This strategic primary intention is take the product transaction, the proxy allies, the chamber of commerce alliance as a foundation, realizes the big stream of people,哮喘 the big commercial interchange, the big physical distribution, the big information flow, the great fund class, eagerly anticipates north part of China the LED industry big development, leads the region industry, the information, the management and operation, the profession standard comprehensive promotion, makes Chinese LED the profession new terrestrial reference, will become Chinese LED to illuminate finally first trades the gateway.

The field public figure reflects is generally: The industrial development, must be assimilated into society the market effect take the collection as a platform, take the specialty, the high-end market as the support, develops the market, the develop market.